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she once was young she once had a soul she was stripped, wounded and left naked on the floor they didnt care that they tore her from top to bottom every little bit of hope for love they converted to lust a longing to be held was filled with the touch of a faceless man grimy and dirty, he touches her in places never before seen she holds her breath and closes her eyes in her mind she leaves to another place. somewhere shes never been but desires to be somewhere where love comes free. despite her tears he keeps going. when hes done he walks away . its only then she comes back to her hell. praying she wont have to face another day. praying for someone, anyone to take her pain.

run like the wind

happy tree friends... bring back funny memories..
and make me long for mexico.. sigh...
i will return someday..

my dad bought this awesome raspberry coffee... mmmm
its soo very scrumptious,, i love it..

wishing never works.. but its fun to try.

i find myself trying to paint without a canvas
trying too write without paper.
let me tell you.. it doesnt work so much...

trash to ashes

i walk but you run
i scream but you talk
just listen
i leap and you swim
i love and you lost
keep pushing
i cry and you smile
i died and you left
no more

wordless wednesday...

yes thats ice on my van
everybody was surfin, surfin USA

my little brother

footprints of Jazz

i always look asian

eyes.. just like mine

your eyes, they're just like mine.
wide eyed and brown..
yours are full of hurt.
a tragedy deep inside.
the light dances in them
though somehow the joy is lost.
my heart aches for you
my hands go out to you.
deep behind the cover
i see the brokeness.
you seem completely empty.
what could have cause this
wounded heart, this shrilling pain.
something inside me wants to
break you open
to make you speak.
we keep it casual but i cant seem
to keep my eyes from yours.
we say our hello's and goodbye's.
not even scratching the surface.
maybe next time i'll have the courage
to inquire in your life.




new years

and this is what we do in JC PENNY'S

Home for christmas