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my brother!!

My brother is my best friend! we are such dorks together. These are probably not the most attractive pictures but this is us all the time. We have the most interesting relationship. There have been numerous times when people ask "are you guys dating". You can imagine the sarcastic replies that come from us. 

no matter how many times I say thank you, believing it is still the hardest part. I've always wondered why someone would think I was beautiful. its unbelievable.


What they did not want you to ever find out is that your generation, the generation born between 1980-1995, actually outnumbers the Baby Boomers. They knew that if you ever turned your eye towards political reform, you could change the world. They tried to keep you sated on vapid television shows and vapid music. They cut off your education and fed you brain candy. They took away your music and gave you Top Ten pop stations. They cut off your art and replaced it with endless reality shows for you to plug into, hoping you would sit quietly by as they ran the world. We as a society are only as strong as our weakest link. Give them hell. -Unknown
Do the little things to change the world. Say "NO" even when everyone else may be saying yes. If it's not right, don't follow the crowd. Learn all you can so when systems; such as the failing liberalistic school system we now have decides to shove their agenda down your throat you know better. Just by this you can tell my teache…


i have zero inspiration to write. Yet I'm still sitting here racking my brain. Things I can write about but it's not the right time. It may never be. Music is always helpful but lately it's been failing me. Maybe I'm dead inside. Who really has nothing going on upstairs?? Of course no one but me. I am hoping to accomplish so much this summer.. One being to write more. Start a few projects I keep setting back. start painting and drawing again.. take a million photos of nothing at all because i have been lacking. learn some constellations.. watch every meteor shower i can since i haven't had the chance to see one this past year. have at least one unforgettable happening happen. fit into the size i want.. get my tattoo (I'm sad to say my sister is getting her removed).. i have more but those are just for me :)

wish list

Holga!! How I want one!!  I'm gonna have to invest in one this summer <3

baby drama

I always seem to cause some kind of chaos on Facebook. People just seem to get offended way to easy. my status today was "Being pregnant does NOT make you handicapped. Stop freaking complaining about everything." Well before you get all hot and bothered, this is my explanation. One of my greatest fears would be to be told I can not have children. I love them. I know there is always adoption and I am not against it, but I want the complete experience. Good and difficult. The changing of your body, the little movements. It frustrates me when I feel that people don't appreciate what they have been given. This child who is developing inside of you. What an extraordinary thought. Not everyone gets the opportunity and those of us that do take it for granted more times than not. Pregnancy should always be looked at as a blessing. What better gift in life than a little you that you shape and develop. They will be yours forever and you will love them unconditionally even before t…

heart a break

I am a big Demi Lovato fan. I know, what a confession. But I look at her as a person not just a celebrity. It is because she and I have had some similar problems so when I hear a song I like from her its easy to relate.

"Don't wanna break your heart
Wanna give your heart a break
I know you're scared it's wrong
Like you might make a mistake
There's just one life to live
And there's no time to waste, to waste"

I know this is about her trying to convince someone to let her love them but I would rather turn it around. How many times have I had that moment when I said I'd NEVER let anyone else in. Of course after every heart break. The times when someone decided I was no longer what the wanted. I wasn't good enough or they were officially bored. Every time I would say to myself, " this time I've learned my lesson, this time I'm done. I can't do this again." I step back and try to recuperate my heart. How conveniently would someone else c…