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she just changed her mind..
how could she say that to him
after all he gave her, after all he did.
he stands there his hand on his heart
just to make sure its still beating.
it flies rapidly as his breath is stolen.
get ahold of yourself he thinks.
dont let her see what shes done.
watch her walk away..

.. NO.. dont beg..

your pathetic..

no wonder shes leaving you...

these are the thoughts choking him.
weak in the knees acid flows...
this is it
this is the end..
.......the end of me......

[how could you let her have that much control...]

wordless elizabeth


you are my best friend.. and i love you with all my heart... your there for me whenever i need you. you are caring.. beautiful... handsome... generous.. faithful.. mysterious.. honest.. loveable... hero.. observant.. articulate. romantic.. perfect in your own way.. thanks for being you i couldnt ask for anything else

sincerly me

what do you do when one of the most influential people in your life do more than just disappoint you? noone would ever guess that you were doing what you were doing.. acting the way you were.. still when confronted you pretended like we were crazy. even with solid evidence you wouldnt fess up. you pretend like its no big deal and just keep saying "i know" "what can i do about it now". wow that sounds like you feel sorry. i thought you were what all the ones in my childhood weren't.. i was so fooled. we all are. even they are.. you walk in with your perfect smile and persona. i've had disappointment but this is far beyound anything i have ever felt. way to go JERK... and the worst part is you lecture us about doing the right thing and being the right people. as far as i'm concerned we are far better than you will ever be. sincerly ME.

wordless.... tuesday???

my God.

this uncontrolled hunger,
this longing to reach out
the beauty of Your majesty.
the hand that presses me forward.
the God that calls me His own.
i'm forever lost in awe.
the hand that painted the mountain
is the same one that draws me near.
His voice echos to me
"I will never leave just stay here"

somehow it never fails i continue to be amazed by my never changing God. He repremands me and loves me. I dont always like being corrected but after a moment i realize i was for my own good. i know some people would call me a fool to be so lost in something they say "you cant see" but He really is within me. i see HIM, in everything.. he is the one who molded us in our own unique way.. touch the skies blue and the grass green. gave us hope. He has blessed me in more ways than i can speak of. this is just one of those days where He really hugs me and lets me know im ok.. if i could give you the love i feel now... wow you would be speechless too..


how is it you can make me so angry!!! and i still cant do anything but love you..

a recap

i must say its been quite awhile. where to begin. i was in Grand Island Ne. for about 2 weeks. my great grandma was really ill. she passed away while we were there. i can say it was one of the worse things i had to see. she just didnt want to live anymore. she fought to try to pull out her breathing tube. she fought us to get out of bed. being strong is not easy. she just said she wanted to go home. so that was a stressful time trying to get everything prepared and ready.

now i am in north carolina visiting Sergio. i leave saturday to continue my normal life at home. about a week ago i found out he is getting deployed in December to Afghanistan, he will be there till July as long as his deployment doesnt get extended. i pray not.. but the time that ive been here in north carolina i've learned to love it. the weather is beautiful the beach is so close i can smell it and living on base is amazing. or so it seems. i like it alot.. i think i kinda disappointed him when i told him i li…