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cause' lately I've been craving more

A man may drink and not be drunk
A man may fight and not be slain
A man may court a pretty girl
And perhaps be welcomed back again
But since it has so ought to be
By a time to rise and a time to fall
Come fill to me the parting glass
Good night and joy be with you all
Good night and joy be with you all

Easter, spring has come

Happy Easter =) I hope yours is as good as mine.. make sure you enjoy family and remember the true reason for this day. My God layed down His life so that I (you) could live then rose again and defeated death in the process.

Snape snape Severus snape

I stayed at my brothers place last night and this is what we fell asleep singing we're such nerds :)

Treat others how you want to be treated

New Hampshire bans dodgeball! What kind of crap is that??  They fear that it reinforces and leads to bullying. You might as well ban every sport for heavens sake. I personally don't think the problem is any of these things they take away. It's parents who don't know how to be parents. You are supposed to install bravery,courage, self respect, respect for others no matter what they look like. You are supposed to teach  that you should treat others as you want to be treated. Simple as that. Stick up for those who are being bullied. It has and always will bother me when I see someone who thinks they are superior treat someone else deemed "lesser" badly. There is no reason for it. I have always chose to speak up for those who are afraid or don't have a voice and I one day when i have children i will teach them this.
I have a love hate for those bullying commercials. I love how real they are because I think it's important to see but I hate the cruelty caused …

Garetts Fight! take a moment to watch and think

What an incredible story! Kudos to Garett's parents for giving him the opportunity to be more than what most of society would just classify as a "special needs" person. Also kudos to his instructor for being willing to take on such a task.
I think the one thing people need to learn from Garetts story is that just because there are people who function and learn differently from those of us society as labeled normal does not mean they aren't smart or that they are helpless. All they need is a chance and I can guarentee you, you will be highly surprised. I myself have had the opportunity to work with people with autism and down syndrome and I will tell you it was some of the most memorable moments.
I think it's so awesome that he is now an instructor to little ones and others who more than likely wouldn't be given the chance. Way to go Garett, what an inspiration!!

somewhere like this

I'm in such a mushy mood tonight so no judging ;) I thought this was cute.
X's and O's -Anastasia

we came as romans

My brother let me borrow his WE CAME AS ROMANSshirt proof he loves me ;) if you don't know who they are you need to :)

mother nature and her jokes

Recap of all the exciting things happening: jk there really isn't anything too exciting. I spent all weekend with my brother. Just when we thought we were done with snow it decided to grace us once again with it's presence. I love the fact that my parents have a wood burning stove because its so warm and cozy. Not to mention it smells sooooo good. I went and seen Olympus Has Fallen. I loved it. Even though in the beginning I jump, I think I died a little on the inside :) I can't wait to buy it. Plus Gerard Butler is an awesome actor. Though it's weird to see how far he's come and how much he's changed from The Phantom of the Opera.. (which is another one of my favorites). I spend most of my time with the little ones. So I can't help but share their cuteness.
Silly kids... my sister wears a woombie to sleep because if she doesn't she tends to wake herself up because her hands always seem to be moving.. I call it her straight jacket.
so EVE…

The Afflicted

Tonight I decided was going to be a Netflix night. I chose a movie called "The Afflicted". Its based on a true story about a mother who tries to justify her actions through her twisted views of scripture (people who do this and no nothing about the Bible other than the very wrong Love everyone, you can live however you want and you wont be judged for it really erck my nerves because this believe is only on hear say and those passages are taken completely out of context.)
Anyways back to the movie. This mother clearly is psycho. You can blame mental illness or whatever you would like; the fact of the matter is she clearly has no remorse for the things she subjects her children to.
I didn't care much for the movie. It wasn't the fact that it was low budget that bothered me, it was the relentless use of fowl language that wasn't necessary and there is some sexuality with her kids that could have just been hinted at not shown. I am a sucker for true life stories. T…

for the love of the things i l ove (At the moment)

some of the things I'm in love with at the moment: ED SHEERAN (but who doesnt like his music) Passion Fruit UNSWEETENED tea Old Black and whites  (but thats all the time, this is a movie called Gaslight my favorite) the Vampire Diaries and last but not least slouchy hats... but i dont have a picture of one but i am wearing them out ;) makes getting ready so easy

hello brother

coffee shop dream

This is a dream I have.. to drink coffee in a cozy coffee shop while there is a wonderous rainfall outside and beautiful music whispering in the background. Someday I say, someday ;)

books on bracelets

I stumbled across these amazing pieces of jewelry on Pintrest. If you love words as much as I do then you will love them as well. It is buy this wonderful artist by the name of JezebelCharms , I hope you take a look and plan on collecting as i have. :) My favorite one is of course from Pride and prejudice.. Everyone loves Mr. Darcy

oh happy day :D have a fabulous friday.

3801 Lancaster

"...they found jar after jar after jar filled with fetal remains. Specifically severed feet in jars."
I stumbled upon this story while reading a post from my fellow Bloggers (if you want an amazing story check out their page).  I have to warn you this video is considered graphic but I do believe it should be passed on to prevent things like this from happening.
Let me start off by saying it sickens me that someone can sever a spinal chord or inject a living being with an acid that can eat them from the inside out, that someone can stick scissors into a Babies heads  to murder them. No matter how you try and dress it up abortion is MURDER. People scream for a woman's right to choose but what about the baby, they have a right to live, to breath, to see the light of day. Who are we as people to take that away from ones who cannot speak for themselves. I firmly believe that life is at the moment of conception. All of this it's just a "fetus" garbage is just so …

some of this and that

I finally get to read Mockingjay (the 3rd book in the Hunger Games trilogy). I loved the first 2 books and the third seems great so far. i have my tunes and coffee to go along ;)

On other news I turned 26 last Friday... whomp whomp! but I got some pretty awesome stuff

my mom knows I love Tim Burton so she bought me what she could find. she also ordered me those awesome sugar cookies .. they are delicious, especially with coffee.and the candies are also special order.
my husband sent me roses :) and my brother bought me  DARK chocolate and breaking dawn part two.

 MY BUG!!   everytime I come back to Sioux City the weather goes crazy. this was the snow that happened the day after i got here.. yay me. also on my plane ride here I talk to an elderly gentleman who told me his brother named his dog Anastasia.. guess my name is pretty common in the animal world :P
 my sister and I  my…