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te extrano...

ERRRR!!! i miss my best friendsoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH!! come home already.. this whole 3 days so far.. sucks!!
just in case you were wondering.. :(

parenting.. and im childless..

Parents these days irritate me.. GRRR...It seems today everyone else other than the parents are raising the kids. We leave it up to the schools, friends and entertainment (stars, t.v., music ect..).
But what are they teaching them?!?! Being homosexual is ok.. its just another way of life chosen by some people.. Abortions is ok its not like its a baby yet anyway, its just a fetus whatever that means....Or sure go ahead have sex.. its just part of life.its a good experience. (strip out every ounce of your innocence and give your whole world to someone who doesnt give a crap about you..) YEA ALL THAT is about the biggest load of crap i've ever heard!!!
Wake up!! Stop being lazy and instead of trying to buy your childs love with the most ridiculous gadgets take them out and talk with them. Spend some REAL quality time with them. Get to know tho they are and their interests. Don't point out all their wrongs but praise them for the things they do well. Don't be afraid to correct …


Unspeakable, unthinkable. Life as we know it changes day to day. We tend to be left with fear and doubt. Even the most unshakeable faith tends to bend at the roots. What we thought was impossible has torn us apart. We linger in silence waiting for an answer. The right answer. Our hearts are vulnerable and open. How do we know our cries were heard. We were so sure!! They say there's a reason and a purpose for everything. ERRR.. i hate that answer. It feels like your taking the easy way out. It's just an easy way of saying "I don't know".

wordless wednesday!!

take iit

today i was reminded that Jesus loves me.. even if i can be a ball of wreckage..
there was a quote that i once heard i think it was from greys anatomy.. it went something like " shes the traffic accident that everyone stops to see". sometimes i can feel like that.. you know like people are just waiting to see what new mess i can get myself into.. believe me i've been in plenty.. but honestly why should i care what they say or think of me.. as long as i keep doing what God wants me to do.. their opinion is not needed or wanted.. not that im one to really follow or change because of other people.. but seriously today i know i let everything go.. You can have it all Jesus.. I don't want any of what and who i used to be.. there are alot of changes taking place in my life.. they are for the better i know it.. but they are not the easiest ones to make.. but God's will surpasses mine.. so i will do it.. thanks for sending amazing people in my life to help me and be a wo…

forgotten wordless wednesday!!

i hope you dont mind emily

the nerd

nail painting

what a boring day.. errr my only real day off until next week and i had nothing to do.. boo

but i got some of the cutest pictures from my Kenzie while she was babysitting the gorgeous miss Sophia.. she truly is adorable.. true story.. Kenzie and i have decided she's a nerd like us.. sorry miss emily but its true.. o and also a hippie.. so we are all nerd/hippies.. works well i think.. :D

[miss emily i hope you dont mind that i posted these if you do then let me know and i will take it off.. kk]

remember september 11th

so today was september 11th. well it was about 3 hours ago or so.
i woke up this morning started getting ready for work. im the type of person who has to have the radio or the t.v or something on.. i hate silence. well i was listening to the radio and i 9/11 tribute came on. i started crying even now just thinking about it makes me sad. you hear the voices of the 911 calls and the cries of the families whos loved ones are trapped in the buildings. I couldn't even imagine what it would be like to feel there was no way out. thinking i'm going to die and there's nothing i can do about it. all i do now is sit and wait. i can't imagine the goodbyes that were said. I remember sitting there watching the news while i was at school acheing for the people who were directly being affected by this horrific event. i still feel for them. all the widows who had to raise fatherless children or vice versa. the uncles, dads, grandfathers, grandmothers, daughters, sons, ect... that could …

almost forgot wordless wednesday again.. urg



Friday started my busy amazong weekend.. !! i got off work at 5 and waited for a an hour and a half to head towards LIFELIGHT with Dassah.. we finally leave. make it there and i find Benji and Kenzie all the way up at the front at lifelight.. Benji helpes us so we didnt get squished by all the crazy rockers.. it was amazing.

day two.. i head off towards the Albrights in my newly fixed jeep. we leave and Benji rides with me.. all the way down to Sioux Falls. we had the best time rockin out in my car.. and talking about anything and everything.. he was lucky to be the first person to road trip with me in my jeep. we go to turn into the parking section we were supposed to go to and my car WONT MOVE!! i u was so mad.. just furious.. but then i think well God you helped us get to Sioux Falls and made sure we weren't stranded on some random place on the highway. Benji gets out and helps park her.. Keep in mine it is Saturday and i just got my car back from the mechanic Thursday…

weekend party

all i can say is... we are broken what must we do to restore our innocense??\
thanks Paramore for being so awesome..
Lifelight this weekend.. heck yes!! im going with the Bright lights.. cant wait.. haha Benji you gotta road trip with me for like a whole hour and a half.. but i know secretly your excited...
district manager is in today.. please let it go smooth thankfully i dont go in until 3..
yay!!! me..
this has been an amazing year so far.. thank you Jesus your amazing..
oo and my jeep is officially done.. yay i think i get it tomorrow.. but there goes a big hunk out of my pocket.. but cant say it isnt worth it..