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Friday started my busy amazong weekend.. !! i got off work at 5 and waited for a an hour and a half to head towards LIFELIGHT with Dassah.. we finally leave. make it there and i find Benji and Kenzie all the way up at the front at lifelight.. Benji helpes us so we didnt get squished by all the crazy rockers.. it was amazing.

day two.. i head off towards the Albrights in my newly fixed jeep. we leave and Benji rides with me.. all the way down to Sioux Falls. we had the best time rockin out in my car.. and talking about anything and everything.. he was lucky to be the first person to road trip with me in my jeep. we go to turn into the parking section we were supposed to go to and my car WONT MOVE!! i u was so mad.. just furious.. but then i think well God you helped us get to Sioux Falls and made sure we weren't stranded on some random place on the highway. Benji gets out and helps park her.. Keep in mine it is Saturday and i just got my car back from the mechanic Thursday.. so yea i was a little twirked off.. so i just decide to let it go have a fun day and enjoy the people im with. plus TFK was playing that night so i had to cheer up.. haha... and then i end up dropping my keys somewhere so in a panic i try and back track everywhere i had been.. no luck what so ever.. errr can anything else happen. as im looking benji calls me and asks me where im at i tell him.. he says theres a sign saying a set of keys were found and they can be picked up at the lost and found tent.. so i go and they were there.. thank you JESUS.. i seen the amazing THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH front row baby... though ben had been protecting me and Kenzie from all the people.. i finally decided it was to hard for him to do so and it wasnt fair so i told him i could take care of myself to just watch his sister.. so im standing there and some really big guy comes up from behind me and puts one hand on the right side of me on the bar in the front row.. while he is standing behind me he decides to keep touching my waiste.. and i tell kenzie "look at this creepers hand so she smacks it away a few times. then benji notices and bends the guys hand back and elbows him a couple of times in the chest making him fall back and puts his arm on the outside of me once again.. thank you so much Benji.. it was a very awkward moment for me.. and i did really try to get him to let go.. i just didnt get much done with it..

the last day i went with the Albrights down since my jeep was still stuck there. we played ISPY the way down.. and listened to some grooven tunes.. we get there and chillax.. watch awesome bands like clocktower showdown, the skies revolt (awesome guys we got to talk to) and of course family force 5!! so all together it was a great weekend just a little crazy of a start..

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