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lost family?

Me, Ariel,Angela, mom, Adriana, Julia
Julia n I

Aniyah N I

Alex, me and Andy

This past April i got to go on a road trip back to my birthplace... wonderful Grand Island Nebraska.. Yes it's true im a true nebraskan.. laugh it up.. on my way there i was beyond nervous. it was my first time back in years and i was going to re-meet people that all knew me but i had no clue who they were. Well some i knew who they were i just didnt know them. I also got to meet a few cousins from my dads side. (keep in mind i know nothing about my fathers side of the family being that i havent seen him since i was about 5). So you can imagine how nerve wrecking it was and how filled with anticipation and anxious i felt. So I took this 4 hour long trip, my mother and I. As I came close to town my stomach was jumping all over inside my body and my heart beat sooo super fast! Driving in town was like remembering a distant dream. it was things and places i barely remember but knew that i had been there before…

miss jocelyn.. mi modela


what a lovely day.. though it did get a tad bit warm there for a minute.

i didnt do much.. its been a day of nothingness.. well as far as i know i got the job at icings so that should start keeping me occupied.. i got to go clothes shopping tomorrow.. yay!! for work clothes that is.. can you believe i only own on pair of dress pants...!! tis true,

im so excited i talked to a very good friend of mine who i met while i lived in Ames.. her name is Jocelyn and she's from Chile.. she was the only person i really talked to then because she was the only one who spoke spanish and that i could hold a real conversation with.. shes the coolest.. though we did tend to have very different opinions on certain things. :] im just glad we're in contact again.. i heart her.. its true..
welll its 3:26 AM that means its time for nighty night..


so theres this tree outside my window..
its a cute little tree.. it teases me when it rains
and laughs at me when it sways.
this tree is my friend. hes strong and sturdy.
he rooted pretty well in the ground
he is my tower and my shade..
thanks tree thank you my friend.

late wordless wednesday!!!


well its a whole day without serg.(he went on a guy trip to KC for his first time to Worlds Of Fun) HE seems like he's having a blast.) how does that work. i assume i might as well get used to it now. he's gonna be gone for 3 whole months and then he will only be back for 10 days before he has to leave AGAIN.. oo booo.. o well its the beginning of an exciting journey i would'nt miss for the world..
so i've been reading this series i'm not even sure what its called but i think it's called the ugly series. it has a total of 4 books (uglies, pretties, specials, and the extras). it's pretty interesting its about life after the rusty's which would be use. in the book we supposidly destroyed almost everything by our crap living.. im only on the second book and its so much better than the first. i couldnt put it down last night.. err i love books like that. i love reading period.
well an update on my job search... i took my test for ICINGS for the asst. mgr. p…


my chef!!

curves and skinny jeans

today was a complete shopping day with the little sister.. as i was going through the stores in out mall.. i became very frusterated. EVERYTHING seemed to be made for anyone who is 110 pounds or less.. and as we all know i am nowhere near that. so i came to notice my self esteem just being shattered as i tried one piece of clothing after another. where did this come from. i'm usually very good at keeping my head up and not letting things like size bother me. but when all you see around you is girls who can fit into one pant leg of my jeans what is there to think.
so with a lil help from the sister and a couple of other special people (dassah and hannah) i found the perfect outfit and a great fitting pair of jeans. thanks alot to them.
heres what i say. who cares what the tag says on your clothes. as long as you feel comfortable in them and nothings hanging out or being flashed go for it. of course keep it appropriate, but be comfortable in your body. and if there's an area whe…

feliz cumpleanos..nuevo carro.. y k viva honduras.

well today was one of those exceptionaly great days.. My sisters 17th birthday is Saturaday (yes its the fourth of July). so we had a surprise birthday party for her today. being that we were'nt supposed to be here saturday.. long story i'll get to it throughout all this my sister thinks we forgot about her birthday because none of us has mentioned it.. hehe.. i know we're mean but its all in the name of the surprise!. so anyways it was my duty to keep her preoccupied for about 2 1/2 hours after she got out of work. so we stayed at the mall and did a little shopping!! what girl would resist.. haha.. and had a lil coffee.. mm nummy... as we are driving down our street to park and right on the corner my sister see's a car.. she says "HEY thats Hannahs car" and all i can think to say it "Hannah who".. i know what a lame reply.. I try to take my time with her as we walk up and i let her go in first.. and the look on her face is priceless..

it …