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random tuesday

If I ever did cosplay I would want to dress up like Ezio from Assasins Creed  (I love these games except the last one but that's because its a new story and I didn't care for it much)
Nerd alert!! Tolkien does it best.
meanwhile in Oklahome, no one really knows whats going on. I love this cd!! If you haven't listened to it you are missing out!! I've been listening to it nonstop. love the comment!!
I don't know exactly why but I love this
talk about a classy family photo!

Mirrors cover

I love this song but I also think this cover is fantastic

And it just keeps getting better..

Most people don't realize what they are doing or the fact that it will also take away your freedom of speech... ALWAYS read and understand everything you are signing.. Do you're homework people! If you don't understand it then DON'T sign it.

Christian Pastor’s Home Raided – Guns Taken : Freedom Outpost

This is ridiculous. People need to look far beyond mainstream media in which is held in the hand of governmental officials and look deeper . Every second our freedoms are being stripped from us and most don't even realize it. You really think gun control will benefit the people? Universal healthcare has not helped any nation that has accepted it? Look at examples people! I am beyond outraged at the ignorance and stupidity of people and in truth it's all out of selfishness. It's all about what it will do for you as an individual and not how it effects this whole country . This country is falling and it is falling fast. It's a sad day when it will be illegal to protect your family, or a pastor can't preach truth from the pulpit when freedom of religions is the main reason this country was founded. It has been that that our so called President will apologize to nations that want to destroy us and blame drugs which are rampant in a particular country and has been on US…

brooke fraser

If there is something that I have learned it is that no matter where I go or at what point I am in my life, God always has a way of reminding me that He is there... Even when I am at my utmost bottom. It is incredible How far I can go and I know that He is disappointed but He still shows me His love. He truly does make ALL things new. I have to keep striving to be a better person in Him. Not to let my faith waiver for pointless, meaningless endeavors. The times that I slip and don't seem to care are the times I find myself on my face and in pain the most. We all have those times that we think "how am I going to get through this".. but when we do we think "how could I ever think I couldn't manage". I can NEVER do it on my own. This is from one of my favorite songs called "Shadowfeet" by Brooke Fraser..
"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice." -Peggy O'Mara my Bug loving his first time in a swing  AMEN!! my country is not my government.  I am always jealous of the beauty of the stars and all of history they were able to see

some random photos that I have been putting off.. ENJOY :]

guns and rumors of guns

So this past weekend my brothers went camping with my dad. They stayed in little efficiency cabins. It was a really nice park called Little Sioux. On Friday us girls went out to join them so we could shoot some guns and have a little cookout. It was a great time. Our family is big on guns and of course gun safety. I have to say I was pretty good. lol just patting myself on the back for a minute. I think the one thing I wasn't able to do were the clay disks and the shot gun. My brother on the other hand hit one right after another. Here is a few photos showing our family fun.

 for some reason we thought it would be funny to give the boys the little guns  my dad had this one custom made
 It was sooooooo cold out.  this is my moms gun.. it was my favorite  always wear eye protection and ear plugs  I'd say I could get the job done ;)
 I got up way to early and with not enough sleep my hair looks lovely.. lol
I had so much fun shooting at this target... I got center on my first t…

Chiune Sugihara

I thought this was awesome. I had the privilege of visiting the Holocaust museum this past year and I can say it was one of my most memorable moments. When you walk in there is this solemn silence that engulfs the atmosphere. They have pictures top to bottom of families I wondered about and still think of till this day. This is a story I had never heard before and thought I would share.
"Chiune Sugihara was a Japanese diplomat, serving as Vice Consul for the Japanese Empire in Lithuania. Soon after the occupation of Lithuania by the Soviet Union, he helped an estimated 6,000 Jews leave the country by issuing transit visas to Jewish refugees so that they could travel to Japan. Most of the Jews who escaped were refugees from Poland or residents of Lithuania. From July 31 to August 28 1940, Sugihara began to grant visas on his own initiative. Many times he ignored the requirements and arranged the Jews with a ten-day visa to transit through Japan, in direct violation of his orders.…

a case of you

One of my favorite songs. It's originally done by Joni Mitchell which is amazing but I chose this cover because I think he does a great job! I love poetry and that's exactly what this song is. Pure undiluted poetry. my favorite line "Go to him, stay with him if you can
Oh but be prepared to bleed"
 Enjoy;] Just before our love got lost you said
"I am as constant as a northern star"
And I said, "Constant in the darkness
Where's that at?
If you want me I'll be in the bar"

On the back of a cartoon coaster
In the blue TV screen light
I drew a map of Canada
Oh Canada
With your face sketched on it twice

Oh you are in my blood like holy wine
Oh and you taste so bitter but you taste so sweet
Oh I could drink a case of you
I could drink a case of you darling
Still I'd be on my feet
I'd still be on my feet

Oh I am a lonely painter
I live in a box of paints
I'm frightened by the devil
And I'm drawn to those ones that ain't afraid

The next time you say "I can't"

What an inspiration! How God blesses us.

movies I remember growing up

There are A LOT and I didn't even add them all.

The Blue Lagoon talk about incest ;)

 La Bamba The Labyrinth MY FAVORITE!! I had the biggest crush on the goblin king.. I will never know why  Little Monsters

 I watched this movie so many times!! I still love the Lambada. I actually was excited that Don Omar used the song in his TABOO song  The Outsiders  I was always scared of the burnt lady in the bathtub