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alan jackson

so tonight was the alan jackson concert!! it was amazing.. yes i do love country music.. haha dont make fun :) here are some pics we took.. of course its just of my sister, dad, and i because we were to far from the stage to get any good pictures of alan

yes Cornerstone World Outreach is my church and I'm proud

so its official we made national news.. bahaha i think its so funny how Rev. Barry W. Lynn has the audacity to call out my pastor for standing up and doing the right thing. at least we as a church have the guts to go against what seems to be the masses.!! i love my church and my pastors and i am so proud of them. a church is only as strong as its leaders.!! and my leaders are the best anyone could ask for.!! so IRS bring it on!!!

Iowa Church’s Election Campaign Against State Supreme Court Justices Merits IRS Investigation, Says Americans United
Church’s Plan to Oust Judges Violates Federal Ban on Electioneering by Tax-Exempt Groups, Says AU’s Lynn
WASHINGTON - September 30 - Americans United for Separation of Church and State today urged the Internal Revenue Service to investigate an Iowa church that is organizing a church-based campaign to unseat three justices from the Iowa Supreme Court.

Cornerstone World Outreach, a Sioux City congregation, is sponsoring Project Jeremiah, a church-ba…

let us fight

i will do what i can to get to you
i may be stuck now but we both know that cant last forever.
heres to the fight that can only end in victory
heres to the triumph that noone thought would come.
yes we're full of surprises definately not what they saw inside us.
its a shame we can only lift ourselves up,
is there noone behind us?
we'll sing our songs and dance our dances
out on the battlefield.
the enemy may stare us down
we stare back never letting up the resistance.
lock legs, create the barrier.
we are the reason this is all standing
the fight was yours but we hold your weight.
what a coward you have become.
this is the time.. we will continue to walk in the infinite night.
let us fight, LET US FIGHT..

Atole de Avena (oatmeal drink)

so in the mornings i LOVE to drink Atole.keep in mind there are different ways to make this. there is with Masa Herina which is the same stuff you use when making tamales, also you can mave atole de elote (corn. its even better than coffee and i adore coffee..
here is a recipe hope you enjoy!!

•2 cups water
•1 Mexican cinnamon stick, whole (no substitute)
•1½ cups quick oats
•3 cups whole milk*
•sugar to taste
* 2% or skim milk may be substituted; however, keep in mind that this will affect the flavor and overall texture of the finished product.


Combine water and cinnamon stick in a medium-sized saucepan and bring to a gentle boil. Allow to simmer for about 3 minutes. Lower heat to medium and add in oats, stirring frequently so that they don’t stick to the bottom of the pan. Once oats are softened and have absorbed most of the water, add in the milk and stir to combine well. Allow atole to return to a boil and then lower the heat once again so that it can begin to thick…

truth number 1

I am completely afraid to get [close] to people..

my heart

this picture intrigued me for some reason.. it is also my desktop background..


So my B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L dear friend miss Emily turns the big 30 today!! how am am ever so blessed to know such a wonderful person...
Miss Emily i know you will have the most blessed birthday ever with your family.. you will have so many more.. (and more kids, you make them so beautiful it would be a crime not too)
so this is my day to think upon you.. you have truly blessed me and i thank you for that.. xoxo
love Anastasia

LICHAS!! gotta try something new!!

so this is a fruit we ate in honduras.. they are so nummy.. if you ever have a chance please do try them..

the stars tell a story

this is whats known as "THE HAND OF GOD"


this image was found in the whirlpool galaxie i watched louie giglio's presentation/sermon as some would call it.. its amazing.. this one is from his indescribable dvd.. its incredible and i recommend it to anyone.. even if your not into the stars and the heavens it is just breathtaking..this is a little sneak peak.. i actually purchased this video after i saw it.. thats how WOW'D i was well enjoy

a face in a faceless crowd

my pet peeves.. or at least a few

there are things that just bug me..
1. hair on the soap, i just think its disgusting.. noone wants to see whats left after you have washed yourself
2. parents who dont control their kids, yea sure you think its cute now when your child is tearing through stores and talking back.. just give it a few years your gonna regret it
3. people who always change who they are just to fit in with others.. if you keep trying to change with the tide you will eventually forget who you are.
4. ladies who think the more they show the sexier they are.. really it just makes you look trashy
5. pity partie... seriously dont make people feel sorry for you.. its not healthy
6. people who wear clothes that are WAY WAY too tight.. you look better when your clothes fit you well..
7. know it all's
8. being interrupted.
9. ditziness.. i just dont have the patience
10. people who pretend to now know things just to get attention
11. customers who over react
12. people who talk down to others
13. racism.. being half white a…

honduras.. otra vez

dancin.. dancin.. dancin machine.

under the sea... (me and rose) this is the coolest camera ever..!

staring contest...

red rover.. our strategy ... boy girl boy girl.. unless they were strong.. then its always the weak between two strong people..

my brother the amazing actor and sinner and joe.. he was suicide in our drama

when were stuck on the bus for hours.. this truck driver decided it was a good place for a nap.. i dont blame him.. i wished i could have done the same..

my sister.. as you can tell she spenst more time getting pretty than i did..

matthew U. and alan standinf by the luguage and the boxes of medicine we took with us.

rosa and i talking to a group of students

about the only day i actually did something with my hair and put on makeup.. this is my dear friend Maria Jose..

the crowd at "el bordo"

the 2nd day we were there we went to this orpahange

kayla at casita mujeres.. this picture depicts how we all felt i think..
miss kathy and i.. isnt she lovely..

more from honduras

this was at "el bordo" which is the slums of Honduras..

im sure this was about 3 in the morning.. :) typical night for a few of us.. and that just means we had to be up in a few hours..

our cast for our huge "dont touch" drama..

miss hadassah!! how i love her.. and her voice.. its so beautiful just like her..

at the a school.. it was so much fun here..

typical day on the bus.. there were so many of us that alot had to stand
dont pay attention to my chubbiness.(eww) but miss briana is sooo cute.. how can you resist that beautiful smile.. and her eyes.. wow..
VAMOS ESPANA!!!!!!! ole ole ole ole ollleeee oollleeee

my sister (michaela) and my brother (daniel)

when i went to this school i got to talk to a big group of girls and i told them my story.. the things i have done and things that have happened to me. this girl was really struggling and was really hesitant to talk.. i finally talked with her one on one.. and she told.. it was one of the most memorable moments for me.. le…