Monday, September 27, 2010

let us fight

i will do what i can to get to you
i may be stuck now but we both know that cant last forever.
heres to the fight that can only end in victory
heres to the triumph that noone thought would come.
yes we're full of surprises definately not what they saw inside us.
its a shame we can only lift ourselves up,
is there noone behind us?
we'll sing our songs and dance our dances
out on the battlefield.
the enemy may stare us down
we stare back never letting up the resistance.
lock legs, create the barrier.
we are the reason this is all standing
the fight was yours but we hold your weight.
what a coward you have become.
this is the time.. we will continue to walk in the infinite night.
let us fight, LET US FIGHT..