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for fear of losing you

where were you tonight?
i needed you, i called.
i was presented with the echoing ring
and deadly silence.
i just needed to hear your voice.
i needed your reassurance.
sometimes even when we're together
i feel so alone.
i need to find comfort with you..
but sometimes what i say doesnt seem to matter.
its countered with the nonchalant additude.
i ache from fear of losing it all.
what if you get tired and just walk away.
i pretend to give up easily,
just in case you decide to back out.
i am afraid you will turn around
and leave me.
ultimately thats what causes me to hold on tightly
but its also causing me to push you away.

words on walls

i would love to walk in a bulding where there were words posted all over the wall!
especially if it were poetry! imagine the possibilities and the way it could touch people!!

oh happy day...

let go

there is a moment in time when you realize that people are not always what they were and you are not the same that was. you drift away from that "unshakable" friendship. i believe these are some of the moments you learn to grow as an individual. people you thought you could never live without become the past. they seem to let go and all you can do is turn away.
maybe they were just supposed to be a moment in your life. each person gives and takes a lil from you as you give and take a lil from them. maybe that moment is done you have given and taken all that is due, the best thing is to move on. the longer you try to hold on the bigger the wedge will be driven. dont be afraid to let go. sometimes its the hardest choice but the best one. be brave, stay strong.. let your heart guide you to the next step.

pumpkins on my mind

today was an Awesome day..!! it was my first day off since last saturday so i embraced it! i went with Hadassah, Joy, and my sister to find graduation clothes for Joy's senior pictures. we ran around looking for awesome clothes.. keep in mind michaela (my sister), Hadassah and i love doing this.. Hadassah does hair, my sister does makeup and i do clothes and picture stuff.. since i wasnt the photographer this time i was just helping joy with her poses.

anyways my sister had to work at 3 so che left then.. we went to take the pictures and then we went to the PUMPKIN PATCH!!! it was soo much fun!!

picture thats not mine!! BUT IS TOTALLY ME