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lets do things

what a mighty big day.....
i want to sit in front of a warm cozy fire with awesome blankies
a wonderful cup of nummy coffee and a great book to share with someone
whos interested.. aaaahhhhhh sounds soo good

give me a whole library of all kinds of books about everything...

a walk while the colors of the outside are changing.. with a camera in hand... mmm


lets play a game that makes us laugh so hard we cry.

errr watch every episode of That 70's Show.... and Greys Anatomy..

hug a random stranger if i knew it was gonna make their day better..

dance the night away even if i look like a crazy person doing so..

sing for someone who doesnt mind if my voice isnt so well...

lets take a carousel ride... and eat some cotton candy... the pink kind..

lets take random pictures and love every moment of it


mixed your drink tried to hold you back you smiled your last goodbye. it was then i realized you cant keep what you NEVER had
i love making people smile... so if theres anyway i can make you smile.. let me know..

the monster under my bed...

theres a monster under my bed...
i think ill ask him to come out and play...
hes the cutest monster i ever did see...
he tries to scare me.. but I just giggle
he makes music when he hides
he comes out to lick my face at night..
i pretend not to notice
though i love every moment..
he runs his fingers through my hair
and i sleep peacefully
knowing my monster is watching over me.

song of songs 3:1-5

One night as I lay in bed,
i yearned deeply for my lover,
but he did not com.
So I said to myself; 'I will get up now and it's and roam the city,
searching for him in all it's streets and squares.'
But my search was in vain.
The watchmen stopped me as they made their rounds,
and I said to them,
'Have you seen im anywhere, this one I love so much?'
A little while later I found him and held him.
I didn't let himgo until I had brought him to my childhood home,
into my mothers bedroom, where I had been concieved.
"Promise me, O women of Jerusalem, by the swift gazelles and the deers of the wild, not to awaken love until the time is right."

your masterpiece..

i want to be your masterpiece..
delicately thought out.
beautifully created.
every fine line thoroughly thought about.
i want to see what i look like through your eyes.
create me with the brushes you so delicately grasp.
throw an array of color on my canvas..
and make me come alive..

yes another wordless wednesday

you who are broken

my heart yearns for you
that one that feels so lost.
i know your broken, if only i say
Maybe I'll be the one to help make you whole.
glue your pieces back together?
make you love another.
i don't want to make you perfect
your your flaws are what make you beautiful.
their what draw me closer..
ill close my eyes and dream of you
of being what you need...

sooner than later

if breaking wasn't bad what was it??
creep... i don't wanna play a game. i dont wanna see you smile.
i dont care if your right or if your wrong.... i dont care one bit no not at all
i will be your biggest regret but maybe not your saddest goodbye..
im ok with being your nobody.
i have no heart you have no time.
throw me away discard the garbage.

..... darling is what he called me....

im dodging the bullets that are sent from your eyes..i wish i was everything that made you come alive. my heart stopped beating just for one whole minute today. where were you?now i can see you were never meant to save me. i cried for you and you never came. some angel. maybe it was my fault.maybe it was my faith that was limited.. my hands are tied behind my back my lips are glued shut. or at least it seems. im restricted on what to say. my heart cant speak,it cant cry.. darling angel dont forget im still standing here on this ledge. one more step and it all ends...

la verdad es k no soy tan fuerte como lo pensaba

im falling behind in this blogging thing.. my computer is broken so i dont get to be on this as much as i'd like.. :(

how i wish it would rain beautifully so i can go out to play... i love when the sky is gray and the air smells perfect..
i think God laughs at me when it snows

how do i write my story without hurting someone i love.???

i'm the only one who can give you power over me..

How did i not know you were so amazing?!?! i wish you could see your secrets would never make me look at you differently..

this next year will only make me stronger.. thank you for strength.


"So give me all your poison And give me all your pills And give me all your hopeless hearts And make me ill You're running after something That you'll never kill If this is what you want Then fire at will " MCR (thank you for the venom)

How in the heck do they always have a perfect song.. errr... right now i feel so horrible i did something that could cost me one of the most important people in my life. i guess it;ll teach me to keep my mouth shut.. errr im so emotional.. i wish i can make it all better.. my heart hurts.. who said anything was ever easy..

well i have a date tomorrow with my bright lights.. im so excited for that.. i only work till 1 tomorrow.. so i get a whole day with miss Kenzie.. whom i heart dearly.. she her, momma, and i are gonna go on a coffee date.. yum for coffee.. then later we are watching monsters vs aliens.. yup.. thats right real kids.. haha..