Thursday, October 1, 2009


"So give me all your poison And give me all your pills And give me all your hopeless hearts And make me ill You're running after something That you'll never kill If this is what you want Then fire at will " MCR (thank you for the venom)

How in the heck do they always have a perfect song.. errr... right now i feel so horrible i did something that could cost me one of the most important people in my life. i guess it;ll teach me to keep my mouth shut.. errr im so emotional.. i wish i can make it all better.. my heart hurts.. who said anything was ever easy..

well i have a date tomorrow with my bright lights.. im so excited for that.. i only work till 1 tomorrow.. so i get a whole day with miss Kenzie.. whom i heart dearly.. she her, momma, and i are gonna go on a coffee date.. yum for coffee.. then later we are watching monsters vs aliens.. yup.. thats right real kids.. haha..