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iowa.. boring.. you would be surprised...

Multiple Homicides:
Josiah B. Moore & family
Lena and Ina Stillinger
508 E. 2nd St., Villisca, IA (Montgomery County)
June 10, 1912

Case summary by Jody Ewing

Sometime during the night of Sunday, June 9, 1912, a person or persons entered a modest house in Villisca, Iowa, and bludgeoned to death eight people sleeping there, including two adults and six children aged 5 through 12. The killings became known as the “Villisca Axe Murders," and are easily the most notorious murders in Iowa history.

The murders spawned nearly ten years of investigations, repeated grand jury hearings, a spectacular slander suit and murder trial, and numerous minor litigations and trials. It made and broke political careers.

Legislation was written in response to the murder, including the establishment of the current State Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s predecessor.

On Sunday evening, June 9, 1912, Josiah (Joe) Moore and his wife Sara took their four children, Herman, Katherine, Boyd, and Paul to the Child…

this is it

one of these days shes not gonna be there,
one of these days shes just gonna walk away.
you would have no right to question why.
the times you pushed when she didnt need it
the times you pulled when she needed to be let loose.
shes hurt in ways you could never understand.
the pain embodies the little bit she is left with.
moments shes tried to explain have passed
this is it, this is the end, this is the last.

marriage.. ?

today was leeland.. i come to find out he is a year younger than me and he is married.. what the stink.. i always find it odd when ppl my age or younger than me are married.. especially people i know.. it throws me off and for some odd reason makes me feel soo behind. though i will stress i am not in MUCH of a hurry. but its still makes me wonder.. what the stink is my hold up.. haha.. i would love to spend the rest of my life with that one person.. to have to share everything.. to make whats mine "ours". even if it means problems and arguments.. i just think they make you grow deeper together...but till my day comes.. people who are younger or my age.. STOP GETTING MARRIED.. !! please and thank you..