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i was there for a reason

A couple days ago I was standing in line at what seems like the ONLY post office thats open after 10 am on base. When i first walked in I looked at the massive amount of customers who were already waiting for their turn to send last minute christmas gifts to their loved ones. I wasn't the least bit excited to stand there and wait. I mean there was only one person behind the counter. I was actually there on behalf of a friend. But needless to say a waited it out. It actually wasn't to bad of a wait, being the fact that i was occupied in my thoughts. I get up to the counter pay for my package and the woman at the counter tells me to go crazy on the packaging tape and then just cut back in line to give her back my box. So I take this package and begin to go completely overboard with the packaging tape. I turn to my right and I start laughing because there is an elderly woman looking at me like I am psycho. I just told her that I went a little happy with the tape and she in turn g…

turn back around

Save Yourself (with lyrics)- Civil Twilight

i love stumbling upon amazing new music.. and these guys are just the right bit of delicious flavor.. !!

truth #5

I don't like any particular style of music.. I like a little bit of EVERYTHING. I pay more attention to the lyrics than the music. The more poetic the more I am captivated. Again I love words.. though i do notice and have a deep appreciation for the music.



i am walking contradiction

though my eyes have convinced me to lie.
lie to myself that all else doesn't matter.
like a bird who has been clipped of it's wings
i can no longer fly, i am to be flightless.
bound to the earths surface without air.
tears whisper down my cheeks in the piercing night.
why is it i let you affect me so?
i keep pushing to block all feeling
and then like a razor to the skin,
you bite me in the deepest part of my being.
teeth seep deeper and deeper,
causing my voice to screech
somewhere deep within the swell of my throat.
take my breath, take the beat of my heart
for i no longer want to bear the scars
that prove your pressence existed.
i will deny any residue you may have left
on my surface.
i will forget. you are forgotten

its in the little things

There is so much in life to be thankful for. The blue sky if your able to see it, the smell of something yummy such as coffee, little plastic plates, the twinkle in your neighbors eye, the feel of love. If we don't look to the little things that are good we will never see the big things that bring us joy. There is imperfections all around us, but if thats all we choose to see we will never be happy. Our lives will be sullen and empty. Honestly, who wants to live feeling yucky all the time. Take a breath and always remember it's not as bad as it could be. Don't forget to smile because your breathing today. Anastasia


my first official day of wearing a coat was yesterday!! err north carolina i was hoping you wouldnt be this cold. oh well at least is snows alot less here. i went with my dear friend yesterday to see her have an ultrasound and hear the heartbeat.. it was the first one i have ever seen. i was so in awe. honestly just seeing that life form wiggle around in her belly made me tear. we take life so forgranted. there is so much there is in the world and we tend to forget that we have to first take it in order to get it.. well not exactly take it persay but work for it! but its the work that many of us tend to overlook and then thats where life starts to get hard. if you dont earn it then it will never seem worth anything. so lets all be wiggle bodies and strive for LIFE!!


For various reasons that don't directly deal with me, I have come to think upon a few things. I am speaking from a female perspective but I come to assume that insecurities seem to stem from the same type of problems. Everyday we deal with people who have a huge impact on us personally, people that we love, people who's opinions matter. When their persepective of us has been scewed in anyway we tend to take it to heart. It's human nature to take their words and feel them deeper than they should be. So when they speak of or to us in a way thats negative we will begin to perceive ourselves in a negative manner. Or when we come to find that those persons have done you wrong we begin to think there must be something I'm missing. Each and everything they do affects us. If a person cheats, we think; something MUST be wrong with us. If a person lies to us, we wonder why we were not worth the truth. What could we have done to prevent them from going off and doing us wrong? The…

marine girlfriend