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legal or racism??

So I have had the most interesting discussions with people. The main one is Arizona and how people seem to think they are being racist with their laws. In reality how can it be racism if they are just upholding laws that were put in place and still are affective? They are called racist because for so long the rest of the country has turned their heads from the very important problem of "ILLEGAL immigration". For some reason people do not seem to understand what illegal means. The definition of illegal is 1) forbidden by law or statute 2)contrary to or forbidden by official rules, regulations etc. Now it IS forbidden to come into this country without permission and the proper documentation. If you as an American went to Mexico and was caught as an illegal you will get jail time. They do not turn their head to you being there. I am well aware of how difficult it is to receive this and that it is much easier to just come the illegal way. I know that people don't all come to…