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My Jadira Isabel (her unofficial middle name I gave her though the birth certificate was done before we could add it) aka "mi macaron" had her birthday party today.. I can't believe she will be one on the 30th! I can't believe I got to witness her birth and all the little steps in between.. She is such a big girl with an attitude (just like her mama ).


It's like a drop of poison falling from your lips.
The burning acid; I wish those words did never exist.
 I feel each lash from your tongue,
from the man that has suddenly come undone.
My weak sense of self worth gets battered even more as I watch
the slithering snake repeat "you are no longer the epitomy of my desire."
I choke on the sting as I feel my body and mind detatch.
Now watching from the outside in
I see I am only seconds away from death.
Physical death would be too easy. Emotional death holds tight, he knocks and somehow I foolishly answer the door
                          Now I am no longer me,                                     I am no more. [My writing at 3 in the morning... I think I changed my writing like 3 times.. so sloppy, I promise I have better handwriting.] sometimes i feel like this, made to be silent even though my eyes are screeming to be heard other times i feel like a little girl trying to hold on to whats left always living in a dream of what once was a…

the raven

So I went as saw The Raven yesterday, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course I had high expectations because; let's be serious, when you take the works of Edgar Allan Poe and put it in a movie you better do a good job. I loved the dialogue and the whole take on the possibilities of what his last days were. I think I enjoyed it more than other people but it was definitely my kind of movie. Not to mention John Cusack as Poe, who would have thought?! But he does a great job.
My favorite story was saved for last. I wish I could talk about it but I think it would give something away. So if you haven't seen it, go see it!! On another note. I feel like writers from the past are quickly being forgotten by todays society. Which actually makes me kind of sad. Some of the BEST writers and stories come from the the 1800's-early 1900's. The vocabulary and the ability to describe in so much detail. sigh* Of course if you are not used to the dialogue you have to work up to it…