Thursday, May 10, 2012


It's like a drop of poison falling from your lips.
The burning acid; I wish those words did never exist.
 I feel each lash from your tongue,
from the man that has suddenly come undone.
My weak sense of self worth gets battered even more as I watch
the slithering snake repeat "you are no longer the epitomy of my desire."
I choke on the sting as I feel my body and mind detatch.
Now watching from the outside in
I see I am only seconds away from death.
Physical death would be too easy.
Emotional death holds tight, he knocks and somehow I foolishly answer the door

                          Now I am no longer me,
                                    I am no more.
[My writing at 3 in the morning... I think I changed my writing like 3 times.. so sloppy, I promise I have better handwriting.]
 sometimes i feel like this, made to be silent even though my eyes are screeming to be heard
other times i feel like a little girl trying to hold on to whats left
always living in a dream of what once was and what never will be