Saturday, March 12, 2011

i am not so naive

Sometime I wish people would learn not to underestimate me. When I want to get somewhere or get something accomplished I am very capable of doing so. Of course there are always limitations and set backs but I know how to push through it. I lived in a time where our money was tight and we had very little but we made it through.. Just because I am where I am today and don't look like i have ever had to fight my way out of the bottom doesn't mean anything. Looks can and are deceiving. Of course I don't believe in telling what most would call a "sob" story. I am not one who looks for a pity party.. But please know that I do know what it is like to go without in many aspects. I embrace that time in my life and it has taught me to be thankful of what I have. I will never forget it but I also will never return. Was it by choice and my own doing?? Of course not, who chooses to go without? Being born into it is one thing.. but staying in it is another. We all make decisions to persevere and make something out of nothing. Of course I have been blessed enough to not have to walk out of the pit alone. Most of the walk was done by my mother. I may not be from the "big" city but I know things.. I have feelings and I have had plenty of obstacles, so many to last a lifetime and more.
Though I must say I am glad that you can not see my life written on my face. It means I am truly getting somewhere. It means that I don't live in the past, I don't hold on to what can never be changed.