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Flor De Papel by my dear friend Ogro

Ya te vi, creo k he caido enamorado
ke me ha pasado, en este amor consumado
a tu lado, siempre sonriente, siempre bella
iluminas mas k mil rayos y centellas
doncella, baila conmigo, desvelate danzando
llora cantando, y vive amando

no eres rosa rosa, rosa roja, rosa azul, ni rosa blanca
esas no las guardo, kedan plantadas y mueren en su barranca
yo me kedo contigo, con tu eterno marchitar
Flor de Papel haces mi corazon palpitar

tu escencia me da ganas de ti,
un beso, una caricia, nunca tienen k morir
felicidad inplacable y belleza eterna,
linda, dulce, bella, coqueta, y tierna
esa simplicidad tuya te hace bien, te hace hermosa
esa sonrisa k presumes me destroza
sin dolor, brincando corazones cuando kieras
Flor de Papel, nunca mueras aunque puedas

no eres rosa rosa, rosa roja, rosa azul, ni rosa blanca
esas no las guardo, kedan plantadas en su barranca
solo me kedo contigo, con tu eterno marchitar
Flor de Papel, haces mi corazon palpitar

cuando puedas, desenvuelve esa tela ke llevas so…

Jadira !!

My sister had her baby and she is cute as a button.. she was 7lbs. 8oz. And 19.5 in. Long.. she's the morenita of the family. :P

I lost...

There's an excitement in my eyes
And there's movement in my belly.
Could it be?
Yes its finally true
I'm going to be a mommy!
I'm already going through names.
Will it be a boy or a girl?!
Can't wait to meet this little person inside of me.
I play music on my tummy and speak to my baby softly.
Soon enough little one, you will help make my life completely.

The time has come for my heart to enter this world.
The doctors are speaking rapidly but no one is saying anything to me.
My heart is beating out of my chest.
Fear takes over every inch.
They rush me away and slip me in and out of sleep.
I wake and all is quiet.
Where is my baby?
beep, beeeep, beeep.
Its a noise that pierces my ears.
All around are sad hollow eyes.
I know, I already know.
Tears start to sting my eyes as a woman starts to speak.
I hear nothing, I only see her lips move.

I can't help but weep
Is there a way to feel dead without literally dying?
I'm sure this is what its like.
They wouldn…