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the not so exciting part

theres only about 2 weeks till i go HONDURAS!!! I'm so excited. it'll be something a little more than awesome, though im a little nervous since i have no idea what to expect and its my first missins trip. theres a first time for everything.i think the only problem is my 3 min testimony.. theres so much to say and not enough time. and hey im excited to be able to use my bilangual skills with someone other than my dad.

errr since when have i not had anything to do on a friday night.. o wow i feel so old. i need to go out and meet people. haha. o well i guess being old isnt always bad. i stay out of trouble.. thoug i've never really had that problem. im looking toward a very busy fall.. work, school, club g, waiting for superman to come and save me. eh you know the not so usual.. though im so anxious to be busy. ive been so bored these past few months.. =] its been days filled with csi, reading, and eating... haha.. not the life i like. i love being a busy body so this is a li…

random babelings

well its another day and there was supposed to be so much to do...[club oneighty game night= fun at my house]. (thank you Jesus for rain).. but now we have to play inside.. o well its kinda like the Cat in the Hat.. we'll find away to entertain each other on this extremely beautiful rainy day..

HONDURAS in about 3 weeks.. ooo so exciting.. i cant wait.. our drama is coming out nicely.. yay!! o and im so happy ill be able to use my bilangual skills on someone other than my dad.. haha.. this is all i got for now.. i'll try to report back later.. hasta al final...Anastasia

detestable sin

I read the most interesting thing today. i was on facebook and there is a pole on whether or not gay marriage should be legalized. One of my dear friends voted "NO" and her response to it was: "Sorry but in Marriage classes this week we were told there five sexes now in day:Women,Men,gay,lesbian,bisexual! God only invented 2 and I'm fine with friends that are that way,choose to be what you want but I would NEVER vote yes on that:("

there was a comment on this by her cousin thats said: "who says god invented two? just b/c it was just adam and eve does not mean that's how he wanted it to end up (a woman and a man) the bible is all about interpretation. try to read the bible in a new light."

O this did not rub me the right way at all.. yea i get a little excited.. i was thinking to myself.. who ever says God invented more than two needs to read their Bible. but really the thing that bugged me most is the statement about the Bible being open to interpre…


so today was quite a boring day. did a total of absolutely nothing. besides steal my dads truck to get some num was such a lazy day.. grr and i hate those..

words of my heart

life is full of struggles.. i think the hardest thing to learn is how to get over them. people die its a fact of life.. u cant beat the inevitable.. u can try theres no shame in that.
Your gonna get hurt.. thats another definate.. i dont think ive met anyone who hasnt been hurt in some kind of way... u can blame yourself try to do damage control.. but things happen for a reason.. even if u cant see them right away.. if someone breaks your heart just think there is someone better who will make u happier.. who is willing to hold on to you no matter the cost..
rejection cuts pretty deep.. u cant please everyone.. and not everyone wants you..
it really sucks when the people who should love u are not proud of you.. or make u feel like your not good enough.. what u do isnt right.. well if thats how it is.. find new loves.. find the pride in yourself to keep pushing to prove this is u and theres nothing that can change that..
be beautifully involved.. love life and let it take u for a ride.. you…

twloa (to write love on her arms)

for some reason ive been sitting here just thinking what to right.. but nothing comes to mind.. its driving me crazy. i know i have a lot up there.. believe me its not all cobb webs despite what some might think.. i decided to write about TWLOA (to write love on her arms). Its an organization made to tell people out there is hope for the broken and the hurting. they speak out about on behalf of people who cut, are drug addicts and fight depression. those are just a few things. this movement has swept over millions maybe even billions acrossed the world. its called the love movement. i am a firm supporter. there is a reason for everything. a reason why people do what they do whether it be good or bad. we as humans look for ways to release the pain that many of us tend to hold in. i say us because i know i am not discluded.. ive fought many pains and urges we'll call them. cutting is not something done for attention. though it can be used as that. there are probably people …


i was watching t.v. today and i heard a quote that went something like this:
"Do you ever feel like your drowning, even when your not in water?"
my answer is YES to many times than i'd like. My personal opinion is its one of the worst feelings in the world. It's like that point in a movie where everyone seems to be moving so fast and you can see it all because you don't seem to be going anywhere.. you don't seem to be noticed. your just a another face in the crowd.. noone cares. your hyperventilating flalling about just asking for air. for someone to come be that air so you can breathe again. you want to weep and scream all at the same time... i know this feeling very well. almost to well i'd say.. loneliness is a scary feeling. but getting over it is the best feeling in the world. that redeeming moment in time where you see your not alone. and that you could have inhaled the whole time, your self pity just got in the way. someone eventually comes into you…

love and in love....

I am a very avid facebook and myspace user. I'm not even sure why.. but i came across a question. Is there a difference between loving someone and being in love? My answer is yes absolutely. you can love anyone. Your family, your friends, your enemies.. but you can only be in love with someone who has stolen your heart. whether it be your significant other or God. Though with either instance you can fully love. For anyone who would use the line "i love you but im not in love with you" stop using it as a cop out. If you dont want to be with them then be honest. it hurts worse if you make excuses because you can always see past them sooner or later. . its just a crazy thing to think about.

Anyway today i went to see the movie "Drag Me to Hell".. it was just aweful. horrible story line, and the fact that they dont give an oppertunity to really be able to save your soul. and im not saying you can do it by yourself.. no one can save themselves. and some of the acting…