Thursday, June 4, 2009

words of my heart

life is full of struggles.. i think the hardest thing to learn is how to get over them. people die its a fact of life.. u cant beat the inevitable.. u can try theres no shame in that.
Your gonna get hurt.. thats another definate.. i dont think ive met anyone who hasnt been hurt in some kind of way... u can blame yourself try to do damage control.. but things happen for a reason.. even if u cant see them right away.. if someone breaks your heart just think there is someone better who will make u happier.. who is willing to hold on to you no matter the cost..
rejection cuts pretty deep.. u cant please everyone.. and not everyone wants you..
it really sucks when the people who should love u are not proud of you.. or make u feel like your not good enough.. what u do isnt right.. well if thats how it is.. find new loves.. find the pride in yourself to keep pushing to prove this is u and theres nothing that can change that..
be beautifully involved.. love life and let it take u for a ride.. your gonna mess up your gonna fall down and its YOUR job to pick it back up.. none else is gonna be your crutch..
independence is the key to self relience.. if u want to make it one your own.. you have to push at it and fight.. NEVER back down unless u know its right.
love yourself.. you have to because if you dont you can never truly love another.. hope for tomorrow.. even if the world seems to be on fire today.. you will bleed and scars will heal and then someone might come around and pick of the scab and shatter all that you thought you were..
your just going to have to start again
these are the words to my heart..