Wednesday, June 3, 2009

twloa (to write love on her arms)

for some reason ive been sitting here just thinking what to right.. but nothing comes to mind.. its driving me crazy. i know i have a lot up there.. believe me its not all cobb webs despite what some might think.. i decided to write about TWLOA (to write love on her arms). Its an organization made to tell people out there is hope for the broken and the hurting. they speak out about on behalf of people who cut, are drug addicts and fight depression. those are just a few things. this movement has swept over millions maybe even billions acrossed the world. its called the love movement. i am a firm supporter. there is a reason for everything. a reason why people do what they do whether it be good or bad. we as humans look for ways to release the pain that many of us tend to hold in. i say us because i know i am not discluded.. ive fought many pains and urges we'll call them. cutting is not something done for attention. though it can be used as that. there are probably people who you see everyday and you have no idea that they do what they do. there was a quote that i read from a post on the twloa website.. it was in response to a postsecret that someone sent in.. this is what it said

"If you struggle with self-injury, you are not "a cutter". You are a person. You are not only your pain. You are not only wounds and scars. You are also better things. You are possibility and promise, hope and healing, daydreams, favorite books and favorite songs. You are the people that you love and the people who love you. You are hope and change and things worth fighting for. This is all your story and your story isn't over."

this is so true.. no matter what you struggle with. you can make it over any obstacle no matter how impossible it might seem. i believe in you. i love you even though i dont know you. If you see someone in a shirt with love written on their arms.. know they were thinking about you when they put it on. with all my heart... Anastasia