Friday, June 19, 2009

the not so exciting part

theres only about 2 weeks till i go HONDURAS!!! I'm so excited. it'll be something a little more than awesome, though im a little nervous since i have no idea what to expect and its my first missins trip. theres a first time for everything.i think the only problem is my 3 min testimony.. theres so much to say and not enough time. and hey im excited to be able to use my bilangual skills with someone other than my dad.

errr since when have i not had anything to do on a friday night.. o wow i feel so old. i need to go out and meet people. haha. o well i guess being old isnt always bad. i stay out of trouble.. thoug i've never really had that problem. im looking toward a very busy fall.. work, school, club g, waiting for superman to come and save me. eh you know the not so usual.. though im so anxious to be busy. ive been so bored these past few months.. =] its been days filled with csi, reading, and eating... haha.. not the life i like. i love being a busy body so this is a little stressful... until later... Anastasia <3