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legal or racism??

So I have had the most interesting discussions with people. The main one is Arizona and how people seem to think they are being racist with their laws. In reality how can it be racism if they are just upholding laws that were put in place and still are affective? They are called racist because for so long the rest of the country has turned their heads from the very important problem of "ILLEGAL immigration". For some reason people do not seem to understand what illegal means. The definition of illegal is 1) forbidden by law or statute 2)contrary to or forbidden by official rules, regulations etc. Now it IS forbidden to come into this country without permission and the proper documentation. If you as an American went to Mexico and was caught as an illegal you will get jail time. They do not turn their head to you being there. I am well aware of how difficult it is to receive this and that it is much easier to just come the illegal way. I know that people don't all come to the United States to cause trouble. Many people do come for a better life and to offer the same to their children. But the point of this is, just because you have the right intentions doesn't mean it's OK to break the law. One of the reasons it is so difficult to come legally is because so many others refuse to do things the right way. If we say "oh it's not a big deal" what other laws are we as a country willing to just disregard?? It bothers me that this has become an issue on racism. Yes I do know that this mainly applies to Mexicans who come over from Mexico but it's Arizona upholding the law. the majority of the people there are Mexican what can you expect. But the law is not just for Mexicans it's for every nationality that comes on this soil from other countries. You have to come the right way. I am Mexican so you cannot claim that I am being racist. I love being Mexican. I love my heritage and where my past comes from. I have the privilege of knowing what its like to basically experience 2 sides of lives. It's just something to think about I suppose. Until next time, the story must go on :)

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bedtime music, can you see what kind of mood i am in. ;)