Monday, October 26, 2009

lets do things

what a mighty big day.....
i want to sit in front of a warm cozy fire with awesome blankies
a wonderful cup of nummy coffee and a great book to share with someone
whos interested.. aaaahhhhhh sounds soo good

give me a whole library of all kinds of books about everything...

a walk while the colors of the outside are changing.. with a camera in hand... mmm


lets play a game that makes us laugh so hard we cry.

errr watch every episode of That 70's Show.... and Greys Anatomy..

hug a random stranger if i knew it was gonna make their day better..

dance the night away even if i look like a crazy person doing so..

sing for someone who doesnt mind if my voice isnt so well...

lets take a carousel ride... and eat some cotton candy... the pink kind..

lets take random pictures and love every moment of it