Thursday, September 16, 2010

my pet peeves.. or at least a few

there are things that just bug me..
1. hair on the soap, i just think its disgusting.. noone wants to see whats left after you have washed yourself
2. parents who dont control their kids, yea sure you think its cute now when your child is tearing through stores and talking back.. just give it a few years your gonna regret it
3. people who always change who they are just to fit in with others.. if you keep trying to change with the tide you will eventually forget who you are.
4. ladies who think the more they show the sexier they are.. really it just makes you look trashy
5. pity partie... seriously dont make people feel sorry for you.. its not healthy
6. people who wear clothes that are WAY WAY too tight.. you look better when your clothes fit you well..
7. know it all's
8. being interrupted.
9. ditziness.. i just dont have the patience
10. people who pretend to now know things just to get attention
11. customers who over react
12. people who talk down to others
13. racism.. being half white and half mexican.. ive gotten it from both sides..
14. lying.. errr if there is something that really eerrrcckks my nerves its lies..
15. boasting.. its ok to be proud of your accomplishes and what you have but there is a right and wrong way to be proud.