Wednesday, September 15, 2010

more from honduras

this was at "el bordo" which is the slums of Honduras..

im sure this was about 3 in the morning.. :) typical night for a few of us.. and that just means we had to be up in a few hours..

our cast for our huge "dont touch" drama..

miss hadassah!! how i love her.. and her voice.. its so beautiful just like her..

at the a school.. it was so much fun here..

typical day on the bus.. there were so many of us that alot had to stand
dont pay attention to my chubbiness.(eww) but miss briana is sooo cute.. how can you resist that beautiful smile.. and her eyes.. wow..

VAMOS ESPANA!!!!!!! ole ole ole ole ollleeee oollleeee

my sister (michaela) and my brother (daniel)

when i went to this school i got to talk to a big group of girls and i told them my story.. the things i have done and things that have happened to me. this girl was really struggling and was really hesitant to talk.. i finally talked with her one on one.. and she told.. it was one of the most memorable moments for me.. letting me know that i didnt go through life for no reason.. my story has a purpose.. and its to show others that they are not alone..

awe these doodlebugs were at el bordo.. they are sooo cute.. i loved talking to the kids.. it was so nice not needing someone to translate for me.. though i did have the best translator with me..

after we did the drama at el bordo.. we were dirty from falling to the ground

this is what happens when you fall asleep on the bus.. tisk tisk Kennet.. a little background.. this is Kennet he was the guy all the ladies had crushes on.. he used to be a perfessional soccer player.. knows about 5 languages, plays guitar, paints,models and he has colored eyes and a model body.. (yes this is where you sigh)

this is what he normally looks like

me, michaela, and rosa (my translator)

miss sarah.. there would be about a group of 8 of us or so that would stay up late into the night.. go into the kitchen make extra black coffee and sing songs and just have a good time.. she was a great entertainer and worship leader.. even though she doesnt know that ;)

this is from the drama "don't touch" or "no toque" as its said in Spanish.. we all signed it and gave it to the Hondurans the night before we left.. they had a fireworks display for us and a bonfire.. how i miss them dearly...

some kids at el bordo.. they were all so wonderful.. we went door to door telling them about the bus and the things we would do at the bus, like the dramas and the game.. on our way back the kids followed and it was like the pide piper and all the mice.. except i am glad it was children walking with us and not mice..