Sunday, May 5, 2013

guns and rumors of guns

So this past weekend my brothers went camping with my dad. They stayed in little efficiency cabins. It was a really nice park called Little Sioux. On Friday us girls went out to join them so we could shoot some guns and have a little cookout. It was a great time. Our family is big on guns and of course gun safety. I have to say I was pretty good. lol just patting myself on the back for a minute. I think the one thing I wasn't able to do were the clay disks and the shot gun. My brother on the other hand hit one right after another. Here is a few photos showing our family fun.

 for some reason we thought it would be funny to give the boys the little guns
 my dad had this one custom made

 It was sooooooo cold out.
 this is my moms gun.. it was my favorite
 always wear eye protection and ear plugs
 I'd say I could get the job done ;)

 I got up way to early and with not enough sleep my hair looks lovely.. lol

I had so much fun shooting at this target... I got center on my first try
 my brother