Saturday, July 4, 2009

curves and skinny jeans

today was a complete shopping day with the little sister.. as i was going through the stores in out mall.. i became very frusterated. EVERYTHING seemed to be made for anyone who is 110 pounds or less.. and as we all know i am nowhere near that. so i came to notice my self esteem just being shattered as i tried one piece of clothing after another. where did this come from. i'm usually very good at keeping my head up and not letting things like size bother me. but when all you see around you is girls who can fit into one pant leg of my jeans what is there to think.

so with a lil help from the sister and a couple of other special people (dassah and hannah) i found the perfect outfit and a great fitting pair of jeans. thanks alot
to them.

heres what i say. who cares what the tag says on your clothes. as long as you feel comfortable in them and nothings hanging out or being flashed go for it. of course keep it appropriate, but be comfortable in your body. and if there's an area where you'd like to improve than fix it. but of course dont go over board and do anything un healthy. just because im more curvier or wear a size that the majority of the people my age are wearing doesnt make me any less of a person. embrace your curves just dont hug them to tight i dont want to see them.. :) be happy to have a figure. after all you could have been a guy..(laugh) well this is where i go.. may your story go on..

p.s skinny jeans are NOT for this girls curves.. Happy fourth of july.. and michaela have a wonderful birthday!!