Friday, July 24, 2009

miss jocelyn.. mi modela


what a lovely day.. though it did get a tad bit warm there for a minute.

i didnt do much.. its been a day of nothingness.. well as far as i know i got the job at icings so that should start keeping me occupied.. i got to go clothes shopping tomorrow.. yay!! for work clothes that is.. can you believe i only own on pair of dress pants...!! tis true,

im so excited i talked to a very good friend of mine who i met while i lived in Ames.. her name is Jocelyn and she's from Chile.. she was the only person i really talked to then because she was the only one who spoke spanish and that i could hold a real conversation with.. shes the coolest.. though we did tend to have very different opinions on certain things. :] im just glad we're in contact again.. i heart her.. its true..

welll its 3:26 AM that means its time for nighty night..