Friday, July 3, 2009

feliz cumpleanos..nuevo carro.. y k viva honduras.

well today was one of those exceptionaly great days.. My sisters 17th birthday is Saturaday (yes its the fourth of July). so we had a surprise birthday party for her today. being that we were'nt supposed to be here saturday.. long story i'll get to it throughout all this my sister thinks we forgot about her birthday because none of us has mentioned it.. hehe.. i know we're mean but its all in the name of the surprise!. so anyways it was my duty to keep her preoccupied for about 2 1/2 hours after she got out of work. so we stayed at the mall and did a little shopping!! what girl would resist.. haha.. and had a lil coffee.. mm nummy... as we are driving down our street to park and right on the corner my sister see's a car.. she says "HEY thats Hannahs car" and all i can think to say it "Hannah who".. i know what a lame reply.. I try to take my time with her as we walk up and i let her go in first.. and the look on her face is priceless..

it was a great surprise and she says she had no idea.. either we did a great job or she's lying.. who knows, whos stresssing about it?!?! not me.. haha.

Its almost the day that we were supposed to be heading off to Honduras.. but and this is a HUGE but .. there are some complications.. with all the craziness thats going on with the president and our president.. I completely backup the country of Honduras... anyone who is friends with Hugo Chavez has no right being president over any country.... and anyone who backs up the Honduran president is crazy.. they should be ashamed... it just truly shows the type of person they are.. (hmmmm our mister President Obama) I can honestly say i dont have anything good to say about this man. If anyone is trying to take the U.S.A down it would be him. I really hope anyone who voted for him will learn their lesson and really do their homework in the next election. dont just vote for someone because of their skin, race, sex, religious orientation or even just because what they say at the time seems nice.. when their record shows the complete opposite of what they claim to be,

yea you can say im pretty bummed about not being able to go. but i think theres a good reason for us not getting there yet.. so i'll just sit back and wait and see what happens.. k viva Honduras..

one last thing: my parents bought a Stang today.. yes thats right a mustang.. and no im not allowed to drive it.. bummer.. and Sergio leaves in exactly 30 days... boo