Sunday, September 20, 2009

take iit

today i was reminded that Jesus loves me.. even if i can be a ball of wreckage..
there was a quote that i once heard i think it was from greys anatomy.. it went something like " shes the traffic accident that everyone stops to see". sometimes i can feel like that.. you know like people are just waiting to see what new mess i can get myself into.. believe me i've been in plenty.. but honestly why should i care what they say or think of me.. as long as i keep doing what God wants me to do.. their opinion is not needed or wanted.. not that im one to really follow or change because of other people.. but seriously today i know i let everything go.. You can have it all Jesus.. I don't want any of what and who i used to be.. there are alot of changes taking place in my life.. they are for the better i know it.. but they are not the easiest ones to make.. but God's will surpasses mine.. so i will do it.. thanks for sending amazing people in my life to help me and be a wonderful example of who You are.. true story.. :]
night night... <3