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i hope you dont mind emily

the nerd

nail painting

what a boring day.. errr my only real day off until next week and i had nothing to do.. boo

but i got some of the cutest pictures from my Kenzie while she was babysitting the gorgeous miss Sophia.. she truly is adorable.. true story.. Kenzie and i have decided she's a nerd like us.. sorry miss emily but its true.. o and also a hippie.. so we are all nerd/hippies.. works well i think.. :D

[miss emily i hope you dont mind that i posted these if you do then let me know and i will take it off.. kk]


  1. Awww! No, I don't mind! How cute! My fav is the hippie shot. I should put a headband on her like that more often!!!

  2. yes ma'm you should.. shes sooo oober cute no lie.. i love her and i dont even know her


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