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i hope you dont mind emily

the nerd

nail painting

what a boring day.. errr my only real day off until next week and i had nothing to do.. boo

but i got some of the cutest pictures from my Kenzie while she was babysitting the gorgeous miss Sophia.. she truly is adorable.. true story.. Kenzie and i have decided she's a nerd like us.. sorry miss emily but its true.. o and also a hippie.. so we are all nerd/hippies.. works well i think.. :D

[miss emily i hope you dont mind that i posted these if you do then let me know and i will take it off.. kk]

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bedtime music, can you see what kind of mood i am in. ;)

lifelight and tons of pictures!

This Labor Day weekend has been pretty awesome.. I got to go to Lifelight this year and see some pretty incredible bands play. (For Today, Children 18:3, Flyleaf, Disciple, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and I found a new band that I like. They are Phinehas!) I was pretty stoked when the lead singer followed my instagram. Like a giddy little girl, and to think its all because I spelled their band name wrong.. oops;) Anyways it is always a good time to hang out with my brothers especially when there is Epic music involved. I always tend to surprise people with my music.. but I like it like that. I may look girl but do I know how to rock! I was up close and personal for For Today and then I was so hyped I had to move to the back to dance and mosh. It was fantastic. People who don't understand moshing have never tried it! and if you have and still don't like it try doing it while your stressed or angry. It is a fantastic feeling releaser. I only fell once. The good thing about lifelight…