Sunday, September 27, 2009

parenting.. and im childless..

Parents these days irritate me.. GRRR...It seems today everyone else other than the parents are raising the kids. We leave it up to the schools, friends and entertainment (stars, t.v., music ect..).
But what are they teaching them?!?! Being homosexual is ok.. its just another way of life chosen by some people.. Abortions is ok its not like its a baby yet anyway, its just a fetus whatever that means....Or sure go ahead have sex.. its just part of life.its a good experience. (strip out every ounce of your innocence and give your whole world to someone who doesnt give a crap about you..) YEA ALL THAT is about the biggest load of crap i've ever heard!!!
Wake up!! Stop being lazy and instead of trying to buy your childs love with the most ridiculous gadgets take them out and talk with them. Spend some REAL quality time with them. Get to know tho they are and their interests. Don't point out all their wrongs but praise them for the things they do well. Don't be afraid to correct them when need be. As they get older they will appreciate all the things you prevented them from doing.. be the parent and don't expect anyone else to do your job!!