Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3801 Lancaster

"...they found jar after jar after jar filled with fetal remains. Specifically severed feet in jars."
I stumbled upon this story while reading a post from my fellow Bloggers (if you want an amazing story check out their page).  I have to warn you this video is considered graphic but I do believe it should be passed on to prevent things like this from happening.
Let me start off by saying it sickens me that someone can sever a spinal chord or inject a living being with an acid that can eat them from the inside out, that someone can stick scissors into a Babies heads  to murder them. No matter how you try and dress it up abortion is MURDER. People scream for a woman's right to choose but what about the baby, they have a right to live, to breath, to see the light of day. Who are we as people to take that away from ones who cannot speak for themselves. I firmly believe that life is at the moment of conception. All of this it's just a "fetus" garbage is just so people don't have to feel guilty. No matter how a baby is produce whether out of love, carelessness, or violence we should not play God and take the very life he chose to give. I ask that we take this and share it. Sometimes people need to see the ugly to gain a voice.