Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Garetts Fight! take a moment to watch and think

What an incredible story! Kudos to Garett's parents for giving him the opportunity to be more than what most of society would just classify as a "special needs" person. Also kudos to his instructor for being willing to take on such a task.
I think the one thing people need to learn from Garetts story is that just because there are people who function and learn differently from those of us society as labeled normal does not mean they aren't smart or that they are helpless. All they need is a chance and I can guarentee you, you will be highly surprised. I myself have had the opportunity to work with people with autism and down syndrome and I will tell you it was some of the most memorable moments.
I think it's so awesome that he is now an instructor to little ones and others who more than likely wouldn't be given the chance. Way to go Garett, what an inspiration!!