Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Afflicted

Tonight I decided was going to be a Netflix night. I chose a movie called "The Afflicted". Its based on a true story about a mother who tries to justify her actions through her twisted views of scripture (people who do this and no nothing about the Bible other than the very wrong Love everyone, you can live however you want and you wont be judged for it really erck my nerves because this believe is only on hear say and those passages are taken completely out of context.)
Anyways back to the movie. This mother clearly is psycho. You can blame mental illness or whatever you would like; the fact of the matter is she clearly has no remorse for the things she subjects her children to.
I didn't care much for the movie. It wasn't the fact that it was low budget that bothered me, it was the relentless use of fowl language that wasn't necessary and there is some sexuality with her kids that could have just been hinted at not shown. I am a sucker for true life stories. This particular movie twisted my stomach in too many knots. Though I am a true believer of exposing people to real life of others and not sugar coating it, because lets face it, some people truly need to be shown the REAL ugliness of the world and break out of their perfectly sheltered bubbles; I think some of this could have been portrayed in more tasteful manner maybe. Long story short (because I can go on for hours about my opinion) I didn't care much for the movie but the story really engraved itself.

on an other note... as far as movies come I'm usually not hard to please.