Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a recap

i must say its been quite awhile. where to begin. i was in Grand Island Ne. for about 2 weeks. my great grandma was really ill. she passed away while we were there. i can say it was one of the worse things i had to see. she just didnt want to live anymore. she fought to try to pull out her breathing tube. she fought us to get out of bed. being strong is not easy. she just said she wanted to go home. so that was a stressful time trying to get everything prepared and ready.

now i am in north carolina visiting Sergio. i leave saturday to continue my normal life at home. about a week ago i found out he is getting deployed in December to Afghanistan, he will be there till July as long as his deployment doesnt get extended. i pray not.. but the time that ive been here in north carolina i've learned to love it. the weather is beautiful the beach is so close i can smell it and living on base is amazing. or so it seems. i like it alot.. i think i kinda disappointed him when i told him i liked it better than california. haha o well.. he loves me anyway:)

i have been staying with some of the most amzing people down here. even if they are puerto rican.. haha j/k they know im kidding. well thats about it for now.. muah...