Friday, April 16, 2010

sincerly me

what do you do when one of the most influential people in your life do more than just disappoint you? noone would ever guess that you were doing what you were doing.. acting the way you were.. still when confronted you pretended like we were crazy. even with solid evidence you wouldnt fess up. you pretend like its no big deal and just keep saying "i know" "what can i do about it now". wow that sounds like you feel sorry. i thought you were what all the ones in my childhood weren't.. i was so fooled. we all are. even they are.. you walk in with your perfect smile and persona. i've had disappointment but this is far beyound anything i have ever felt. way to go JERK... and the worst part is you lecture us about doing the right thing and being the right people. as far as i'm concerned we are far better than you will ever be. sincerly ME.