Thursday, April 19, 2012


What they did not want you to ever find out is that your generation, the generation born between 1980-1995, actually outnumbers the Baby Boomers. They knew that if you ever turned your eye towards political reform, you could change the world. They tried to keep you sated on vapid television shows and vapid music. They cut off your education and fed you brain candy. They took away your music and gave you Top Ten pop stations. They cut off your art and replaced it with endless reality shows for you to plug into, hoping you would sit quietly by as they ran the world. We as a society are only as strong as our weakest link. Give them hell. -Unknown

Do the little things to change the world. Say "NO" even when everyone else may be saying yes. If it's not right, don't follow the crowd. Learn all you can so when systems; such as the failing liberalistic school system we now have decides to shove their agenda down your throat you know better. Just by this you can tell my teachers and I had "fun" together. Find things on your own (music, books, movies, styles) don't base who you are and the things you do on the others around you. Being different is not a crime.. Support the little causes that you believe in (I buy TWLOHA because I know most proceeds go to the cause and it's definitely something I believe in). Work up to the big things. Help others. Don't be afraid of politics, believe it or not it will affect your everyday life. Vote wisely. Listen and watch. Most of all don't let fear rule your life. I am still learning this everyday.