Wednesday, April 18, 2012


i have zero inspiration to write.
Yet I'm still sitting here racking my brain. Things I can write about but it's not the right time. It may never be.
Music is always helpful but lately it's been failing me. Maybe I'm dead inside. Who really has nothing going on upstairs?? Of course no one but me. I am hoping to accomplish so much this summer.. One being to write more. Start a few projects I keep setting back. start painting and drawing again.. take a million photos of nothing at all because i have been lacking. learn some constellations.. watch every meteor shower i can since i haven't had the chance to see one this past year. have at least one unforgettable happening happen. fit into the size i want.. get my tattoo (I'm sad to say my sister is getting her removed).. i have more but those are just for me :)