Thursday, April 12, 2012

baby drama

I always seem to cause some kind of chaos on Facebook. People just seem to get offended way to easy. my status today was "Being pregnant does NOT make you handicapped. Stop freaking complaining about everything." Well before you get all hot and bothered, this is my explanation. One of my greatest fears would be to be told I can not have children. I love them. I know there is always adoption and I am not against it, but I want the complete experience. Good and difficult. The changing of your body, the little movements. It frustrates me when I feel that people don't appreciate what they have been given. This child who is developing inside of you. What an extraordinary thought. Not everyone gets the opportunity and those of us that do take it for granted more times than not. Pregnancy should always be looked at as a blessing. What better gift in life than a little you that you shape and develop. They will be yours forever and you will love them unconditionally even before their first breath.
I know that it cannot be easy and exciting all the time if at all but we women have been giving birth since the beginning. We need to stay strong and positive. Your baby is affected by your moods and the things around you.