Tuesday, November 24, 2009

khrystal n arcelia

the other night i was hanging out with my winderful friend Arcelia and her beautiful daughter Khyrstal.. Khyrstal is only 5 years old.. its the perfect age to say thie funniest things..

though im a lil sad cuz she cant remember my name.. haha..

i was with Arcelia yesterday while she picked up Khrys from school.. i walked up to her and she looked at me with this huge smile and ran up and gave me a bear hug!! she said "I missed you so much" awe way to warm my heart.. but then she whispers "mom whats her name again"? haha.. i guess Anastasia is just to hard to remember.. lol

a couple days before we were all in the car.. and she kept asking whats your name i cant remember.. i told her and she replies .. "my brain keeps saying Anastasia"...