Wednesday, January 19, 2011

family blogging.. so it begins

Family:Michaela, Christian, Dad, Mom, Anastasia (Me), Daniel
So I have been pondering about different things to blog about. Of course I have a handful of ideas but I am taking my time just to make sure each one comes out the way I want it. I have a problem with rushing things..So this is my new thing: I will blogg about one family member a week until my immediate family is all blogged about. so that will be 6 weeks.. Yay?!?! Don't worry we are just your average everyday, somewhat dysfunctional bunch of people. Yet we love eachother endlessly. How? I really have no idea.. They are my pride and joy (and no I am not talking about my own children here). I am very proud of all of us and how far we have come in life. So readers be warned this might be a bumpy, crazy, maybe even somewhat boring ride.. But nonetheless it can help you see what has helped me be formed and shaped into who I am today. with love.. [ME]