Tuesday, March 12, 2013

some of this and that

I finally get to read Mockingjay (the 3rd book in the Hunger Games trilogy). I loved the first 2 books and the third seems great so far. i have my tunes and coffee to go along ;)

On other news I turned 26 last Friday... whomp whomp! but I got some pretty awesome stuff

my mom knows I love Tim Burton so she bought me what she could find. she also ordered me those awesome sugar cookies .. they are delicious, especially with coffee.and the candies are also special order.
my husband sent me roses :) and my brother bought me  DARK chocolate and breaking dawn part two.

 MY BUG!! 
 everytime I come back to Sioux City the weather goes crazy. this was the snow that happened the day after i got here.. yay me. also on my plane ride here I talk to an elderly gentleman who told me his brother named his dog Anastasia.. guess my name is pretty common in the animal world :P

 my sister and I 
my lil Emma, she actually has colored eyes but we arent really sure what color. they seem to change everyday it seems. blue, green, gray, honey... they just dont make up their mind.