Tuesday, August 11, 2009

book writing!

its been a long few days with work and homecoming. but its all been very good.
wednesday is going to be my first day opening without anyone.. so im a lil nervous but HEY i got this.. !
Not much has really happened thats too interesting. I have finally decided to write the book i've always wanted to do. the only problem is i have the basis of what i want but not all the detail.. i pray it comes to me. i have always wanted to write. this will be my first attempt. of course it will be a book based on a fictional character but with real life experiences. it doesnt necessarily mean they will be my life but it will be someones. and i've always had it in my heart to write a childrens book as well.. there are topics that i want to touch on but to make them at a childs level will be a bit difficult. i want to write meaningful books for them. So they will actually learn something. i want to hit on things that they might be experiencing or going through. we will see how all of this works out. im anxious though. to start i mean.. its hard to come up with the perfect everything. there are little things like names of characters. those are so crucial.. o the worries. in time it will all work out.
thats about all for now.. till next time.. good night world