Saturday, August 8, 2009

short and sweet

What a long day.. its only 9 and im ready for bed!! that never happens.. but over all it was a great day.. except there are so many people who came in for their ears pierced today.i have very shaky hands so i have to kinda shake it off before i do it.. which i was fine but it kind of gets tiring. but o well give the customer what they want if i can right? tax free weekend has been very hecktic though. but ive seen so many people that i havent seen since highschool! so its been good. i love seeing old faces.
i close again tomorrow.. thank goodness that the mall closes at 6 on sundays!
tomorrow is the start of homecoming.. how exciting is that. though im going to all 3 services and i know im gonna be antsy by the end of first.. im just like that..
well goodnight world..