Friday, August 7, 2009

someday when im far from you

So i was just thinking today.. id love to write a song. i havent done it in a few years so i think now is the time.. though i have never written lyrics on my own. i feel its so much easier when you have someone there who is sharing in your creativity. plus its so much easier.. but the truth is i havent really wrote anything thing in a long while. i need to start again before i loose any that i might have.
I should really be sleeping i have to be up at 8 in the morning to open icings. but i have so much on my mind yet i feel like theres nothing there. its one of those times that you have so much feeling but you dont know what it is or how to get it out. i wanna cry but i cant. its so wierd i dont know how to. i mean i have cried before but it takes alot generally. but nothing comes out when i want it to. err i hate feeling shut up.. but i dont know how to open it either. i guess give it time and it'll go away. the only problem is i know it truly doesnt go away it just gets buried deeper. and i think thats my problem in the first place. everything just keeps getting pushed down and buried further in the depths of my chest.. grrr..

on another note.. there is this incredibly awesome artist that i saw this year in des moines. his name is Cory Lamb and he was with Thriving Ivory (incredible) and Secondhand Serenade (amazing).. the whole show was one that i could never forget and Cory is one of the nicest people ive ever met. not to mention super talented. he just made his first video to a song called "Drowning". look it up on youtube.. i love good music.. i wish i could plat guitar..

well goodnight world its been interesting.. until the early morning light..