Tuesday, August 18, 2009

time traveler...

I seen "the Time Travelers Wife", it was the greatest movie!! I can say I was very impressed. Now its a must to buy the book.. I've seen it around and heard good things about it. in fact it was on my book list.. but i just hadnt gotten to it yet.. (yes im a nerd and i have a book list).
its my day off and i have nothing to do. what kind of crap is that?!?!
good news... I get paid friday!!! yay for paychecks.
I got a bridal shower and bachelorette party to attend on thursday! I love weddings!
and they have been dating since like freshman year in highschool.. so that was 2001. so its about time!!
i want some coffee.. somehow miss emily always gets coffee.. yes its true im a lil jealous

I've pierced enough ears to last me a lifetime.. but i know there will be ALOT more for the next however long I continue to work at the ICING. its a great job.. i love the people i work with. and my manager is the best... though i have to be the tough one because she's way too nice.. haha.. but im good at telling people how it is.. not sure if thats a good thing or not..

my mom went to G.I. and not sure when she'll be back. so i am helping with the snack bar tomorrow for Oneighty.
i went to a 15 on saturday.. it was beautiful.. im so jealous i never had a chance to have one. me parents said it was a waste of money and pointless.. o well. anyways this girls was so beautiful.. it was kind of a rainbow theme.. her dress was Amazing.. where the stink do they find them.. ! i look online all the time for dresses and i never find any as pretty as this.. ok so not only do i love weddings i love parties!! haha.. dancing is my favorite.. though i didnt do much of that since my cousin didnt stay very long.. booo..